Crystal Bowl Meditation and Healings are available for groups & privates. Each of the seven bowls has a different note that corresponds to a different chakra.

Watch our Yoga Nidra & Sound Bowl Healing during Savasana after Yin Yoga at Unwind The Mind HypnoYogaTherapies® January workshop MeetUp above.


"Ashley is a warm, compassionate teacher with an uncanny ability to know precisely what her students need. She is extremely tender-hearted and kind, taking the time to learn as much from her students as she teaches them. In an age of rush, rush, rush, Ashley is a breath of fresh air. If you need help with yoga on or off the mat, Ashley can give you the support you need."


"I am so grateful to have met Ashley and had the opportunity to benefit from this sensitive, intuitive teacher. Ashley has a way of lighting up those around her, tuning in to the specific nuances of her clients. She is committed, extremely caring, and motivated."

~Deborah Lubetkin

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